headshotCarolina Buitrago was born in Nicaragua and has been living in the USA for many years. She received formal education in art with enphasis in painting and sculpture at The Glassell School of Art Museum Fine Arts Houston. Carolina has been awarded with the F. Freed Memorial Scholarship by this institution.

Her practice explores recycled materials to create minimal compositions resembling the connections between all life forms. Found objects, wood, metal, plastic, cardboard and newspapers are deconstructed and rebuild it through different techniques in painting and sculpture. The use of black and white reflects the difference between the two cultures she has experienced in her life.

Her work has been exhibited national and internal; France, First International Fine Art Cannes Biennale; Japan, Art Olympia 2015 Tokyo; Mexico, Centro Cultural Tijuana; Nicaragua, Museo de Historia y Cultura; Florida, Sepctrum Miami; California, El Pueblo Gallery and Texas, Katy Contemporary Art Museum. Also, her work has been published in the Art Book “Relevance in the Art. Fine Art Masters of the 21.st Century” by MAMAG Modern Art Museum Austria; Art Olympia International Open Competition Tokyo 2015 catalogue, as well as Studio Visit magazine volume thirty, 2015 edition in the U.S.A.

Carolina is looking for opportunities that allow for both, exhibition and development of her work. Her interest in the transformation of recycled materials is an important element in the message of her work. She is constanly questioning the interwoven in the basic patterns of existence.

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